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  • Introduction of vacuum casting equipment

    Introduction of vacuum casting equipment

    Overview: The latest manufactured automatic molds turnover machine by using manipulator of V-process, was successful in commissioning at Xuzhou Guanhua Machine Group on Apri…

  • Video of vacuum casting

    Video of vacuum casting

    Overview: The latest manufactured automatic molds turnover machine by using manipulator of V-process line

  • Molding system

    Molding system

    Overview: The film heater designed by our company is used specially for heating EVA film, it grabs the film firstly and then heats and dries. Resistance wire heating supplies heat, which has more heat, adjustable power, uniform film heating and long…

  • Industry standards of V-process

    Industry standards of V-process

    Overview: Our company is responsible for drafting and formulating industry standards of V-process.

  • Sand preparation

    Sand preparation

    Overview: Sand preparation is consisted of shakeout device, rotating conveyor, vibrating screen, heat-resisting elevator, cooling bed, belt conveyor and bucket elevator.

  • Dust collecting system

    Dust collecting system

    Overview: Shakeout device and pit ventilation, the discharge port of chain elevator, cooling bed, the discharge port of bucket elevator, shower type sand filler……

  • Water circulating system

    Water circulating system

    Overview: It is suggested to operate with soft water and descaling pump, with such a comprehensive treatment, the situation of scaling pipe will be greatly improved.

  • Flask for V-process

    Flask for V-process

    Overview: It is welded by the double plate which has been foldedand bent, the stripping baseboard, dowel pin holes and the joint surface of cope and drag flask are all manufactured by machining. The transom is made by 20 250 stainless steel dutch wire mesh……

  • Vacuum system

    Vacuum system

    Overview: The vacuum system designed by our company usually use dry vacuum pump, which is divided into high vaccum degree and low vacuum degree, and using two sets of vaccum……

  • Patents of vacuum casting

    Patents of vacuum casting

    Overview: With a long-term effort and actual production experience, our company improves products continously, 6 kinds of devices have been applied for national patents…

  • Video of 30t/h cupola in Xian Yuyang

    Video of 30t/h cupola in Xian Yuyang

    Overview: 2 sets of 30t/h cupolas and 1set of 10t/h cupola are manufactured for Xian Yuyang Zhongxing Machinery CO.,Ltd.

  • 1-30t/h cupola of “New Three” R11 series (New seriation, commercialization, normaliaztion)

    1-30t/h cupola of “New Three” R11 series (New seriation, commer…

    Overview: Long distance double row air supply cupola of “New Three” R11 series is a major scientific achievement of the original national machinery department. It has been listed as national key scientific……

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