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Our company is the designated professional manufacturing plant of the equipment of cupola by the original machinery department and the member of the smelting improvement technology promotion group. Our main product, "the new three" series R11 type big row spacing double air supply cupola is a major scientific and technological achievement which has been listed as national key scientific and technological achievements promotion project since the eighth five-year plan. Our company is the  designated manufacturing plant for the key promotion project.

The product, "the new three" series R11 type big row spacing double air supply cupola, officially launched in 1989.On January 15, 1993, it passed the identification of the new product of the original machinery department and became the onlynew product that has been identified through the national ministry since the founding of the nation. In 1994, it was approved as high-tech products in Jiangsu province andnational key new products.It has won the municipal scientific and technological progress second prize, provincial scientific and technological progress fourth prizeand provincial excellent new product Jinniu award (first prize).

Since 1991, according to the needs of the development of Chinese foundry industry, our company has organized famous smelting expertsled by Liu Youhua todevelop the external water cooling long blast cupola. We have provided more than 300 sets of 3 ~ 30 t/h outer water cooling two-shift smelting blast cupola for 157 manufacturers and nearly 60 sets of 5 ~ 15 t/hthe external water cooling long blast cupola for more than a week for 35 manufacturers, which obtained excellent evaluation from the users andwas a great step to improve the smelting level of China. On June 28, 2001, the product passed the identification of "technological achievements" and "new technology new products" in Jiangsu province.  In 2002, it is approvedas the key promotion projectfor the torch plan of jiangsu province and China, Jiangsu province high-tech products, national key new products and won the municipal scientific and technological progress second prize and China machinery industry science and technology progress third prize.

According to the national demand for cupola fume and emissions standards, our company is very serious, responsible for the user to research, develop and offer a variety of types of cupola dust collector and dust removal system. It is divided as dry methods and wet methods: Dry method is mainly composed of two-stage water cooled multi-tube cyclone dust collector and dust collector;Wet method is mainly composed of low resistance cyclone dust collector, comprehensive wet dust collector and water curtain dust collector. Tested by environmental protection departments, the cloth bag dust removal system canguarantee the dust emission of 50mg/m3, the best of which is 20mg/m3, and Ringelman blackness level 0.5 and the comprehensive wet dust removal system can guarantee 150mg/m3 and Ringelman blackness level 1. All kinds of dust remover and dust removal system made by our company can guarantee the environmental protection requirements.

Since 1989, through cooperation and support with foreign manufacturers, our company absorbed foreign advanced technology and developedthe equipment of Vacuum Casting that is suitable for national conditions.We haveprovided 110 lines if V-process and 120 sand cooling system of the V-process for domestic industries of Chinese, foreign enterprises, joint ventures (Japan TOTO, TCM, India, etc.) .We have obtainedsix patents for invention and utility model and is responsible for drafting the first 8 technical standards of the standard V-process casting equipment in the mechanical industry of the People's Republic of China (The standard was established in 2009 and was released on January 1, 2014 and implemented on July 1).

Insisting on “reputation first, customer first”, our company has completed more than 1,100 projects, all of which have received the praise from the users. Since 1992, our company has been rated as “AAA grade contract and trustworthy enterprise” by the people's government of wuxi, and “AAA credit enterprise” by the evaluation of Jiangsu international evaluation consulting company.

Insisting on “quality first”, in 1994, through the national casting forging quality supervision and inspection center for our many 3 ~ 10 t/h cupola user acceptance test, our products were evaluated for “grade a” and awarded “casting industry quality trustworthy product” certificate. In 1996, through the inspection and acceptance, the cupola and the supporting climbing feeding machinepassed the“casting mechanical reliability identification” and issued the certificate.

Our company strengthen internal management and strictly implement the ISO quality system standard.In October2000,we passed the ISO9002 quality system certification and in July 2003, we obtained ISO9001:2000 standard quality management system certification. Since 1993, our company has been awarded 25 awards and honors by city, province, department and other government and industry.

With the attitude of"worry what customers worry, think what customers think, customers first, good faith service", our companyhas received widespread praise and strong supportfrom the users, which makes our company become a “complete products, excellent quality, good effect, high users, excellent evaluation” factory in the same industry. As early as in 1994, according to statistics by the national authorities, the market share of our company's products has been more than 65%, particularly in recent years, most of the projects in the country, especially the major ones, are undertaken by our company.

Our company has 5 professors and engineers, 16 engineering technicians and 8 part-time technical consultants and establish extensive technical cooperation relationship with relevant design institute and colleges and universities, which shows we have strong technical force and technical backing. In 1991, Jiangyin changhong machinery installation company was established, specializing in equipment installation, debugging and after-sales service. In 1993, the Jiangyin institute of cupola was established, focusing on the application of smelting equipment to meet the national conditions and the demand of the rapid developing casting industry. Our factory is able to provide technical consultation, process layout, non-standard design, manufacturing, installation, debugging instruction, electromechanical integration and turnkey engineering for any client.

We warmly welcome new and old customers from home and abroad to inquire and cooperate with us. With pragmatic innovation and pioneering spirit, we hope to cooperate with new and old friends both at home and abroad to cast tomorrow's brilliance.

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